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The Card Game ‘Age of Rivals’, Inspired by ‘7 Wonders’, Releasing June 22nd

Age of Rivals, an upcoming CCG that takes inspiration from the famous board game 7 Wonders and card games like Dominion and Hearthstone, is coming to mobile June 22nd. As we wrote about a few weeks ago, Age of Rivals has you building a huge civilization with a well-balanced economy, military, culture, and defense in 10 minutes or less. You only have minimal control over your deck prior to the match, which according to the developers encourages more variety. And while it is a strategic game, it is on the casual side.

The game comes with over 200 cards that you can unlock as you go along. The game is premium, so you will be unlocking cards at a state pace and never getting duplicate cards you don’t need. And the game comes with ranked public matches, private friend matches, daily missions, tournaments, and so on. The game will launch for $0.99, and after the first week the price will go up. Check out our Upcoming Games forum thread for more on the game.