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‘Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition’ Trailer Released, Six Free DLC Characters Announced

Last month, Capcom unexpectedly announced that they would be releasing a brand new mobile iteration in the Street Fighter series, dubbed Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition. Owing to the quality of the last few games in the series that have made the transition to the smaller screen, and an abundance of awesome new features and characters, it was enough to get the iOS fighting game community on our forums excitedly anticipating what this sequel may have in store for us. While there is still no specified release date, Capcom have today released a brand new trailer for Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition, which gives a glimpse of the action, and also divulges some details on the characters we can expect to brawl as when the title finally reaches the App Store.

The new trailer for Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition provides the first gameplay of some of the new characters in the game, with Dudley and his unfortunate cowlick and the whip-wielding Poison featuring in the footage. Otherwise, it seems to be business as usual – the graphical style appears to be similar to Street Fighter IV Volt ($4.99), even if Capcom promise ‘higher resolution graphics’, and the virtual controls remain untouched. However, Capcom have also detailed on their website that six more characters are scheduled to be added to the title’s roster in later free updates, and so a grand total of nine new fighters is certainly welcome, as is the MFi controller compatibility. Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition is the epitome of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, and I can’t wait to step into the fray when it launches in the near future. If you’re similarly excited, let us know your impressions of this new trailer on our forum thread.