‘Evoland’, ‘Mechanic Escape’, ‘Puddle+’, and ‘unWorded’ All Massively Discounted in Playdigious Sale

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The App Store is a funny place as most everything nowadays is free, and even paid games skew much cheaper than on other gaming platforms. That said, everybody likes so save some dough now and then, and with that in mind Playdigious is currently throwing a sale on four of their App Store games which see them being discounted from their already pretty darn cheap regular prices. All these games are just 99¢ during this sale, which will last until June 21st, so it’s a good time to pick up a few games on the cheap that you may have missed out on before.


Evoland – $4.99 -> 99¢ – This is a really unique title as it takes a trip through the history and evolution of RPGs, starting out with basic 8-bit visuals and gameplay before ramping up the graphics engine and taking things into 3D. Sure, it’s a bit gimmicky, and the game has some pacing issues and other quirks that we covered in our review, but overall it’s a really neat experience especially for those who can appreciate the evolution of video games and RPGs specifically.


Puddle+ – $2.99 -> 99¢ – Puddle is a liquid-based physics puzzler that launched way back in the summer of 2013, and was re-released in the enhanced “Plus" version that we have today back in 2015. Trying to preserve as much of your liquid as possible by the end of each level, you’ll also need to take into account what type of liquid you’re using as they have different properties. It’s a great game that we loved in its original form in our review from 2013, and this enhanced version is even better and a steal for just a buck.


Mechanic Escape – $2.99 -> 99¢ – With platforming games being one of the most oversaturated on the App Store, it feels like Mechanic Escape didn’t quite get the recognition it deserved at the time. With 80 levels to complete and a stiff challenge, this is a game you shouldn’t let fly under the radar if you enjoy platformers. And, despite being a year and a half old, Mechanic Escape supports some welcome features including MFi controller support and Apple’s ReplayKit so you can record and share your adventures.


unWorded – $3.99 -> 99¢ – This sale definitely runs the gamut of genres, but despite sounding like this is probably a word game unWorded is more of a puzzle game built out of words and letters. It’s not just about solving puzzles though, as there’s a story tying everything together and it definitely gets into some pretty abstract areas. This is also the newest game out of this bunch, launching in November of last year, and this month marks the first time unWorded has been on sale since its release so now is a great time to check it out if you’re into crazy puzzlers.

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