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‘Sonic Runners Adventure’ Released on Gameloft’s Android Store in Some Countries

The saga of Sonic Runners Adventure gets just a bit weirder. So, the game has kind of launched in Russia and the UK. But here’s where things get interesting: it’s a paid game, as well as a free one? But it’s only on Gameloft’s own WAP store, with plans for a J2ME release. That’s what Sonic Stadium is reporting based on some reports from Russian social media service VK and a VPN-accessible listing on Gameloft’s WAP store. While an APK of the free-to-play version (reportedly set to hit Google Play at a later date) is floating out there, there’s an anti-piracy check. So it may be a bit tricky at the moment to try this one out if you have Android. The good news is that there’s some footage popping up on YouTube, showing the level-based game with a bunch of classic zones:

Here’s the intro to the game:

Hopefully this one does show up on iOS soon, particuarly in a premium incarnation. Of course, there’s no guarantee since this isn’t even being published by Sega, so it might be a project only meant for certain markets, but hey. I’m always down for more Sonic, being a long-suffering Sonic fan. Especially since who knows if we’ll get Sonic Mania on mobile proper, instead of just the Switch…