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‘Silly Walks’ is a Wacky Anthropomorphic Object Walking Simulator from the Makers of ‘Breakout Ninja’

Part Time Monkey, which I accidentally just mistyped as Party Time Monkey and now I can’t help but think that a company name change is in order, is hard at work on their next project after bringing us such delightful treats as Breakout Ninja (Free) and Space Bang (Free). The new game is called Silly Walks and that title also acts as a handy description as the goal is to guide various anthropomorphic food objects through a gauntlet of dangerous hazards towards safety, as a huge cast of everyday household objects have also sprung to life and they’re trying to get themselves some of that food, you know? Check out the colorful trailer for Silly Walks.

This game definitely gives me a heavy I Am Bread ($4.99) vibe, mostly because here you’re also a piece of food walking around a giant household. But where I Am Bread leans heavily into its own absurdity and purposefully awkward controls, Silly Walks embraces its, well, silliness and uses a much simpler one-touch control scheme where you’ll tap to plant each foot as your character alternates swinging left and right. There’s also a swipe-to-dash mechanic for those who want to try their hand at rushing through levels and breaking certain objects. Part(y) Time Monkey says they’ll be releasing Silly Walks sometime this summer, likely in August, and until then you can catch some discussion of the game in our forums.