Bethesda Announces ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Expansion: “Heroes of Skyrim”

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Bethesda is never one to disappoint with E3 presentations, and this year’s ultra-blown out “Bethesda" land was no different. After major announcements like Doom and Fallout VR, they shifted gears to The Elder Scrolls: Legends (Free). The game is already available on iPad, but will be coming to the iPhone next month. Additionally, a new Skyrim expansion will be hitting on 6/29/17.

As Bethesda puts it, “The Elder Scrolls: Legends is about to get a lot more… dragon-y." Aside from your favorite Skyrim characters making their way to playable cards, they’re adding new keywords Shouts (which work a lot like playing Skyrim and finding words). Companions are also in the game now, which change to powerful beast forms. For more details, check out the official site.

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