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Mixed Bag’s Long-Awaited Metroidvania ‘forma.8 GO’ Releases on June 15th

It has been a long time coming for forma.8 by Mixed Bag Studios. Like, since 2012 when the game was first posted here. It’s made an appearance at several GDC demos since then, each time with the promise of the game seemingly being close and closer than ever before, but no dice on an actual release. Well, there was hope when earlier this year forma.8 finally released on desktop and console. But that mobile version remained ever elusive. Well, it won’t be for much longer. Mixed Bag has announced that forma.8 GO, what they’re calling the mobile version, will release on iOS on June 15th.

This abstract Metroidvania-type experience will have you exploring an alien planet, solving ancient mysteries as you collect new powerups to progress further into the experience. The iOS version will run $3.99 at launch ($5.99 regular price), and is going to be feature-laden, with MFi controller support, and Apple TV support. I’m excited to finally dive into this one on mobile after seeing it over the years. It’s finally here!