The ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Randomonium’ Brawl Makes Its Return This Week

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Do you like randomness? Do you like minions that change mana costs every single turn so that you never know what cards you can play the next turn? Then step right up because this week’s Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl, Randomonium, was made for you. This one is a repeat of a repeat, and it will scratch that RNG itch of yours (if you do have one, of course). You get to pick one class and get a random deck. The fun part is that every turn, the card costs get randomized, which is a recipe for silliness. You might get to play a powerful Legendary on turn 1 or play a crazy powerful three-card combo on turn 4. Great fun for you, though not great fun for your opponent.

As with every returning Brawl, this one will feel a bit different than before because of all the new cards injected into the game. And personally, I do enjoy these kinds of brawls. As for strategies, you could pray to the Gods of RNG, light a candle in your neighborhood’s Temple of RNG, or sacrifice a loved one.

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