‘Phoenix 2’ May Update Adds ‘Phoenix HD’ Ship and New World

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Firi Games’ Phoenix 2 (Free) is getting a set of monthly updates leading up to the game’s one-year anniversary in July. The May update is out now, and it has a treat for fans of Phoenix HD (Free). The classic Corsair ship comes equipped with Rocket Pods, Missile Swarm, and the exclusive Tracking Minigun. This ability is great for fighting off smaller enemies coming after you. Check out the Corsair in action:

Now, a keen-eyed individual may be asking “Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen that background before?" And you’re right, it’s a new world for Phoenix 2. Ceres Major is lush and green, home of a long-lost civilization. Ceres Major missions will start rolling out soon, in order to give players time to update to the new version of Phoenix 2. There’s a June update in the works, and then the big one-year update in July. Check out our Phoenix 2 forum thread to chat more about the game!

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