‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ Final Trailer Prepares You for the (Unhappy) End

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It’s almost time for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Free) to come to an end, so Telltale released the final trailer for the From the Gallows episode. And, as you can already guess, it doesn’t paint a lovely, peaceful picture of what is to come as the third season of the famous series comes to an end. Clementine and Javier are still trying to survive, and you can see plenty of clashes in the trailer, reminiscent of the later seasons of The Walking Dead TV show. Spoilers from here onward. As we’ve talked about before, the last episode finds Richmond on the brink of total collapse and the lives of everyone in danger.

Your decisions in the previous episodes will come back to haunt you since they’ll define who’ll be on your side and who’ll turn against you. In other words, it’s going to be a huge mess. The last episode should come out around May 30th, so prepare for some tear-shedding and the like.

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