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A New Gameplay Trailer for ‘Cat Quest’ Reveals Rampaging Dragons and Awesome Open-World Exploration

It’s been incredibly interesting watching Cat Quest evolve on our forums ever since it was first announced back in June of last year. Over the past eleven months, ex-Koei Tecmo developers The Gentlebros have repeatedly impressed with their interaction with members of the iOS gaming community, as well as the level of ambition and polish that has turned Cat Quest from a mobile and PC exclusive to a multiplatform release that will launch on both the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch. In anticipation of its Summer 2017 release date, the developers have released a new gameplay walkthrough trailer which gives a glimpse of the combat, customisation and world exploring action that you and your kitty can embark on when the title eventually launches on the App Store.

Despite its cute exterior and constant indulgence in admittedly clever feline puns, Cat Quest looks like the real deal, and initial comparisons to Crashlands ($6.99) or even cult classics such as Zelda II are by no means far-fetched. With similar touch controls to Butterscotch Shenanigans’ beloved mobile opus, Cat Quest appears to have a slightly more linear adventure-based emphasis (hence the ‘quest’ in its title), and the mix of both close-range combat and long-range spells looks to give a deceptive amount of depth and strategy to battles in the game. The new trailer reveals murky caves to explore, loot to salvage and fire breathing dragons to slay, and if the full game can stay varied and substantial enough, Cat Quest could be the next killer app for mobile devices. Look out for Cat Quest when it launches on iOS this summer, and head down to our forum thread for further discussion and speculation regarding The Gentlebros’ upcoming adventure title.