Having Trouble Learning How to ‘Just Ski’? Check Out this Tutorial Video

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A couple of weeks ago a nifty minimalist skiing game called Just Ski ($1.99) hit the App Store. It’s from developer Jeff Weber, who previously brought us the not-quite-as-minimalist skiing game Krashlander ($1.99), and despite looking like a simple side-scrolling skiing game Just Ski actually used more sim-like physics and mechanics. I’ve seen plenty of people who picked up Just Ski struggle with coming to grips with the system, but eventually things “clicked" and they went on to really enjoy the game. In the world of mobile games though, struggling through that initial learning curve can be a tall order, and I’ve seen just as many people pick up the game and then quit in frustration before having it click. With that in mind, Weber has released a quick tutorial video which should hopefully let people see how Just Ski works and hopefully make it easier to grasp.

What do you think, does this video give you a better idea of how to play Just Ski? This is a game that’s really all about the positioning of your in-game skier, and once you understand how the physics and in-air rotation work things become much more manageable. It’s still a difficult as heck game, mind you, but it goes from rage-quitting frustration to difficult skill-based challenge once you understand how the game works. Also, it’s not an endless game, which I’ve seen many people assume it was, and as of now only a handful of people in the world have actually reached the end. Could you be the next one to do it? If you gave up in frustration with Just Ski previously, have another crack at it after watching this video, and as always you can find discussion about the game in our forums.

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