‘Adventure Time’ Is Coming to ‘Minecraft: Pocket Edition’ in a Mathematical Mash-Up Pack

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Minecraft mash-up packs have been some of the neatest new additions to the game on all platforms, and seeing some big franchises collaborate with the iconic crafting title has gone some way to keeping the gameplay fresh amidst numerous other activities competing for your time. The Super Mario series came out in force in the recently released Nintendo Switch edition of Minecraft, and on Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99) we’ve had Magic: The Gathering and even the Fallout series make their respective debuts in Mojang’s blocky world builder. Today, the developers have announced that the cult classic cartoon Adventure Time will soon receive a mash-up pack in the console and mobile versions of the game, as you explore the Land of Ooo with the colorful and quirky characters from the series.

This is by no means the first time that Adventure Time has appeared on iOS, with the particularly novel Card Wars ($3.99) making its debut back in 2014, and a whole host of similar spin-off titles also having dropped on the App Store since. However, it also isn’t the first time that the series has been in Minecraft – at least in an official capacity. A quick search on YouTube reveals many custom mods of the game with millions of views, and it’s likely that the success of many of these played a part in this upcoming Adventure Time x Minecraft mash-up pack. Still, it’s great to see the series officially come to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and should be a neat addition when it launches in the near future. For now, c’mon grab your friends and prepare to to go to very distant lands by watching the awesome theme song trailer on Minecraft’s Twitter account above, and head down to our forum thread for further details and discussion on this newest mash-up pack in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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