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‘BitChip Bounce’ is Like a Two Character ‘Caveman Pong’, Coming Next Thursday

A few years ago, a simple little game called Caveman Pong (Free) won me over with its fantastic physics and ease of play. Basically the game was a Pong variant that had you bouncing a ball against a wall and tapping at the right time to make your caveman jump and reflect the ball back towards the wall. The speed and randomness of the ball made it tricky but a perfect “one more try" type of game. Now, indie developer David Barley in publishing partnership with Appsolute Games is riffing on that formula with the upcoming BitChip Bounce. Basically it’s the same kind of idea but instead of battling against a wall you’ll be battling against another AI opponent. Check out the trailer.

One of the hallmark features of BitChip Bounce is “Little dudes in helmets … with shields!" and indeed you’ll work towards unlocking A TON of different characters to play with. Also, this seems like the perfect opportunity for a multiplayer game, but as of release that won’t be an option but may be added down the road if the demand is there. It does sound like you’ll be able to partake in a little same-device multiplayer though with one player taking control of either side of the screen. Either way it looks like fun and you’ll be able to play BitChip Bounce yourself when it launches next Thursday, May 25th. In the meantime there’s a forum discussion to pas the time in.