‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ Final Episode Launches May 30th, Probably

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Telltale is about to wrap up the third season of its hit The Walking Dead (Free) series, also known as A New Frontier, probably on May 30th. I say probably because the mobile versions of the various episodes haven’t always landed on the same day as the other versions. Hopefully, this time around we’ll get it on the 30th. The last episode of the series is called From the Gallows—a pleasant title—and takes players to a Richmond teetering on the bring of collapse as chaos threatens to engulf it from all sides. Slight spoilers from here on, so read at your own risk. The lives of those close to Javier are in danger, and your previous decisions throughout the series will determine which characters trust him to guard all that they hold dear.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier hasn’t gotten the buzz the previous series have, although that could be for a variety of reasons such as The Walking Dead fatigue or players being apprehensive of Telltale’s mobile games after the car wreck that was Batman. Still, I’m guessing those who’ve started the series will want to finish it, so get ready for the 30th (or thereabouts).

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