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‘Our Ways’ is a Tricky Puzzler that Also Explores Relationships, Coming this Summer

Rolling Pig Studio has an artsy puzzle game in the works called Our Ways that, besides being a tricky puzzle game, also wants to explore relationships and the work that goes into keeping them going in the face of various types of adversity. Yeah, pretty heavy stuff for such a visually minimalistic game. They originally announced the game on our forums back in February, and sent forward a brief trailer for the game last week which got lost in the deadly abyss known as the TouchArcade inbox. The game finally floated to the top though and caught our attention. For the game part of Our Ways, you’ll be controlling two different characters who must make their way through a level and meet up. The trick is that both characters must move together, and in some situations one might even have to make a sacrifice for the other to be successful. Seeing the relationship to relationships yet? Check it out.

I think this is a pretty neat idea for a game as controlling both characters at the same time can be quite a brain twister, but Rolling Pig also points out that two people could play Our Ways on the same device, with each one taking control of one of the virtual joysticks. Perhaps your significant other? This could be a real team-building opportunity here. Another really interesting thing is that Rolling Pig has been detailing their development in the aforementioned forum thread and it’s a really neat insight into the game’s design. I’d definitely recommend giving it a read and keeping your eyes peeled for Our Ways to release at some point this summer.