The 100th ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl Brings Back a Different Brawl for Each Class

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As we wrote about a couple of days ago, Hearthstone‘s (Free) 100th Tavern Brawl is quite a crazy one. A Cavalcade of Brawls celebrates past Tavern Brawls by assigning one Brawl per class and having you fight it out with your opponent, even if the two of you are playing different classes and, therefore, different Brawls. As you’d expect, not all Brawl combos are fair, and you might be stuck in a Brawl with pretty much no chance of beating your opponent. For instance, I played the Shaman’s Party Portals against the Priest’s Cloneball and was pretty much massacred since he was throwing down legendaries and I was using slightly cheaper portals.

Still, this is a fun Brawl to play, especially if you just play for the fun of it, and it’s fun to see how the various Brawls interact with each other. Which Brawls you’ll get to play? Druid gets Idols of Azeroth, Hunter gets Randomonium, Mage gets Too Many Portals!, Paladin gets Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts, and so on. You can check them all here. Go enjoy the Brawl and let me know what you think about this one in the comments.

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