The Update for ‘Bloo Kid’ Has Arrived, Adding 12 New Levels and 64-bit Support

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A few weeks ago, we got word that Winterworks was going to be bringing an update to the original Bloo Kid ($1.99). With the rumored 32-bit Appocalypse looming, many developers are trying to get their older titles updated to support 64-bit. The nice thing is that some developers are using this as an excuse to add new content or features to games that had otherwise been left alone for quite some time. In Bloo Kid‘s case, we’re getting a whole new world of levels to go with that shiny 64-bit support. Well, the update has now arrived, so feel free to dive into the deep Bloo once more.

I suppose if we must look for a silver lining in this impending ridiculousness, it’s that we are seeing new content for games like Bloo Kid. The game already had 84 levels, but adding another 12 on top represents a fairly substantial new chunk of gameplay, especially if you’re looking to earn three stars on each stage. This game hadn’t seen an update since 2013, and the last time we got new levels was in 2011 when the world had yet to know the joys of both PPAP and Gangnam Style. Truly, the darkest ages. While the Bloo Kid series has moved on to a more complex Super Mario Bros.-style design, I have a soft spot for the original game’s call-back to single-screen classics like Bubble Bobble. I’m therefore happy that it will continue to exist, and ecstatic that there is now more of it to enjoy.

If you also have an appreciation for classic arcade games and haven’t given the original Bloo Kid a spin, there’s never been a better time to do so. Like Jared, I’d love to see this series continue in some fashion, and hopefully the fact that Winterworks is updating this somewhat old game means that they mean to keep things going. I only wish that all of these 32-bit stories had such happy endings. You can go grab the newly-updated Bloo Kid from your local App Store as soon as you finish reading this sentence. Or before. I’m not your boss.

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