‘Hearthstone’ Giving Away 3 Packs to Celebrate 70 Million Players

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We always talk about how big Hearthstone (Free) is, but we don’t always have specific numbers to demonstrate that fact. Today, though, we have one pretty telling number: 70 million players. That’s how many players have registered for the game so far, and that’s a pretty huge number. It doesn’t mean that all 70 million are currently playing the game, but that’s still a pretty incredible number. To celebrate this momentous number, Blizzard is giving away 3 free Un’Goro packs to any player who logs into the game during the month of May, even if you are a brand new player. Freebies are always great, so you should log in and get those 3 packs; who knows, you might even get a Legendary (highly doubt that).

The blog post also notes that with Journey to Un’Goro, Hearthstone had more players playing together on the same day than any other point in the game’s history, which does show a growing game (and also how much players were waiting to get their hands on Un’Goro). Here’s to another 70 million players.

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