‘Clash Royale’ Heal Spell Going Live Today

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Clash Royale (Free) is adding an interesting new spell today called Heal, and—as I hope you can guess—it heals your troops. This 3-Elixir spell heals your units every 0.5 seconds over 3 seconds for 176/sec at Level 7, and it can really change the momentum of a match if played at the right time on the right troops. The spell is unlocked at Arena 10, Hog Mountain. The Heal spell featured in its own Draft Challenge during the weekend, so some of you are already familiar with how it plays. For the rest of you, today’s the day to go get your hands on it. Why would you want to play the Heal Spell in your deck?

Well, there are many ways in which Heal can be a factor in a match. For instance, it can be almost a direct trade for Poison, although Poison lasts longer than Heal. Heal, of course, won’t heal any destroyed troops, so don’t try using it on weak troops that might be one-shot by the time you play the spell. What are your thoughts on the Heal spell, and would you want to see more support spells like this one?

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