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Glitch Games Releases Trailer for Next Adventure Game, ‘All That Remains’

Glitch Games announced a new game, The Bunker, recently, but they’ve renamed the game to All That Remains and have released a new trailer. The game still takes place in a strange bunker, but it’s got a new name. The trailer reveals some of the game world. There’s talk of an incident at the Hawthorne Testing Labs, and strange symptoms including “the sudden uncontrollable urge to eat your neighbor." Someone named Campbell appears to be the protagonist, and Clara, presumably his sister, says that he’s been put in the bunker by their dad, but Campbell wants to get out and help save Clara from all the madness. So, part 1 looks like it’s going to be about escaping this bunker, hmm?

This is part 1 of All That Remains, with a second part planned. Several titles are in the works from Glitch Games, and I’m curious to see what is on the way. Also, I’m pretty sure something fishy is going on with Campbell and this bunker in All That Remains, but what, exactly? Hmm…speculate wildly in the game’s forum thread, folks.