‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Reveals Chaurus Breeding Pit Card, the April Monthly Reward

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If you manage to reach Rank 9 in the Elder Scrolls: Legends (Free) Versus Battle this month, you’ll get your hands on Chaurus Breeding Pit, and it’s a pretty interesting card. In case you’ve just started playing the game, if you get to Rank 9, you’ll get one copy of the card. In Rank 5 you’ll get your second copy of the card, and if you hit Rank 1, you get the full set. But what exactly is this new card? Chaurus Breeding Pit is a 10-cost Action that summons a Chaurus Reaper in each lane, and Chaurus Reaper is a 7-cost 5/4 Chaurus that gives all enemy creatures in a lane -1/-1. As the developers point out, this is the kind of card you want to play if you didn’t have a good early game and hope to turn things around. And while the card is 10 mana, it does give you two 7-cost cards, so technically it’s a bargain.

If you’re playing someone who’s trying to flood the board with small creatures, he won’t like the -1/-1 Chaurus Reaper surprise. And the card should do well in Arena too, although it might be too slow and you might die before every playing it. Reddit doesn’t seem to be too impressed with the card, but some players are confident they’ll find uses for this new guy.

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