Adorable Arcade Roller ‘DROP NOT!’ Receiving New Theme, Levels and Characters Next Week

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It was always a matter of when, and not if, the first update for Oddrok’s latest release DROP NOT! (Free) would launch on the App Store. The developer’s impressive support of Power Hover ($3.99) coupled with early indications of additional content on the horizon made it almost an inevitability, but it’s still surprising to see the first content update be submitted less than a month after the game’s release a the start of April. Scheduled for around May 4th, the upcoming update for DROP NOT! will add even more cutesy cuboid characters to the adorable rolling puzzle game, as well as new levels and much more cool new features to celebrate the game reaching over 500,000 downloads in the opening fortnight after its release.

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In addition to the over twenty current characters that can be selected in DROP NOT!, a tortoise, crab, and some strange dinosaur-lizard-crocodile hybrid are amongst ten new creatures to watch roll around the courses. In addition, ten new levels and a ‘Mechanical’ theme with its own musical score are included, and rolling enemies can also be encountered in a nefarious attempt to prematurely end your run. Despite being a rather basic game at heart, the extremely simple one tap controls struck a chord with me whilst playing on the packed tube at rush hour, and seeing Oddrok add even more content will greatly help its longevity amongst high-score chasers and die hard casuals alike. Look out for the new update next week, and roll down to our forum thread for further DROP NOT! discussion.


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