The Awesome RPGs ‘Siralim’ and ‘Siralim 2’ are Getting their Last Big Updates

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Regular readers know that I have been doing a weekly column on Mondays for the last few years collecting the best game updates I can find from that week. With that job, I’ve been able to see clearly the developers who go above and beyond to deliver tons of updates post-release for their players. It’s especially remarkable when those updates are for a paid game, since there’s no real financial incentive in adding free content for the developer. One of the names that has popped up often has been Siralim, the quirky RPG series from Thylacine Studios. Both the first game and its sequel have seen a lot of additions over time, but all good things must come to an end. The bad news is that the final planned content updates for Siralim (Free) and Siralim 2 ($4.99) are hitting really soon. The good news is that they sound like pretty great expansions.

Siralim‘s update is titled Invasion, and it brings a bevy of improvements and additions with it. The graphics will receive an overhaul to bring the game in line with the PlayStation version, with NPCs and character sprites seeing some major improvements. Catching monsters for your team is the name of the game in Siralim, and Invasion adds 12 new creatures for you to find in the wild. Two of them were seen before, but only in timed seasonal events, so having them appear normally is pretty nifty. There’s a new battle speed setting called Ultra Turbo Mode that allows you to hold the button to get through combat that much faster, and the Crown of Haste item will now work in realms. Invasion just arrived as I was writing this, so uh… go get it?

Siralim 2‘s final expansion is called Renaissance, and there are some great features in here that I know Siralim fans are going to dig. The big news here is the New Game Plus Mode, which allows you to start your game again after beating the last boss. The difference is that you’re able to choose a number of special conditions including random creature appearances, an extra-tough classic mode, and the ability to start with every core in the game. Wow! Daily Realms are another major new addition. If you’ve played the first game, you probably don’t need any explanation here. In case you do need an explanation, Daily Realms challenges you to complete a new realm each day, with increasingly precious rewards as prizes if you can run up a good streak. Finally, the developer has added in 40 retro skins from the first Siralim for you to use as you see fit. Renaissance will prepare for release once Invasion is out on all platforms.

So, if these are the final content add-ons for the Siralim games, what is Thylacine Studios up to next? Well, we’ll apparently find out soon. Given how good their first two games have been, I’m quite excited to hear all the juicy details about their next one. We’ll be sure to bring you word on that whenever Thylacine starts spilling. For now, it’s time to head back to Siralim!

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