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‘Subdivision Infinity’ 3D Space Shooter Will be Published by Crescent Moon, Releasing in Late Spring

Crescent Moon Games has one philosophy: never stop publishing. They just published Get Me Outta Here ($2.99), but they ain’t stopping. Next up on the list is Mistfly Games’ Subdivision Infinity. This impressive-looking space shooter will have you doing typical 3D space shooter things. Light up ships like fireflies, avoid asteroids where any escape might help to smooth, and watch as a cacophony of lasers shoots through the far unlit unknown all around you. When actual space warfare happens, there probably won’t be explosions due to space being a vacuum and whatnot, so get your cool-looking space explosions in before science comes and smacks down your cool fantasies.

Subdivision Infinity will come loaded with features, including MFi controls and Apple TV support. Huzzah! No release date has been set yet, but expect it in late May, most likely at a $3.99-$4.99 price. All I know is that the name makes me want to listen to one of my favorite Rush tracks: