‘Clash of Clans’ Livestreaming Team Forums Vs Team Reddit Clan War Tomorrow

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Apparently, there’s a big Clash of Clans (Free) war coming up this weekend, and you can watch part of it if you want to. Team Reddit will fight it out with Team Forums for ultimate dominance and, of course, bragging rights in what should be a battle between some of the best players in the game. There will be two wars, a 40v40 and a 50v50 between April 21st to April 23rd. Out of all the contestants, 10 really good players were flown to Finland and will take part in a Supercell-hosted livestream that you can watch tomorrow at 3PM GMT (sorry, you’ll have to do the math to figure it out).

This is a pretty fun idea, and a great way to involve the very vibrant communities of Clash of Clans. And it’s always fun to have the various communities fight it out for supremacy. The whole event promises to be loads of fun, so tune in tomorrow and check it out.

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