Our ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Touchstone Tavern’ Is Coming Tomorrow, Tuesday

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Hello everyone. Normally you would be reading our Hearthstone (Free) weekly roundup today, but because Easter weekend got in the way, we’ll be publishing the weekly column tomorrow instead. It’s been quite the week in the world of Hearthstone, so we’ll have plenty of stories and videos to talk about. With the expansion and the Standard rotation mixing the meta up and most players still trying to figure out what they should play, the game is in an enjoyable state of flux that comes only right after an expansion drops. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having fun trying to put new decks together or, occasionally, throwing cards into a deck and seeing what sticks.

So, enjoy playing the game and drop by tomorrow for a full weekly roundup. Expect to read about the first full meta snapshot of the Journey to Un’Goro era, complaints about the game’s cost, and much more. See you all here tomorrow.

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