Pick a ‘Hearthstone’ Collegiate Champion and Win Free Packs

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As has been the case with recent tournaments, Blizzard is giving you the opportunity to pick a champion and win free packs. More specifically, the Hearthstone (Free) Collegiate National Championship is drawing to an end, and you can pick a champion to root for. Every time that champion wins and progresses in the tournament, you get a free Mean Streets of Gadgetzan pack. Pick wisely, and you can get a few packs; pick the ones I usually pick, and you’ll get one measly pack. Remember that once you make your selection, you can’t change it; you’re doomed to live with it, so pick wisely and carefully.

This time around, the champions you’ll get to pick aren’t individuals but, rather, colleges. So, I expect you to get into the school spirit and support places like Colorado State, Rutgers, UC Riverside, UT San Antonio, and so on. You have from today until April 20th to pick your champion, so go here and pick one.


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