‘Clash Royale’ Is Second Only to ‘Monster Strike’ in Terms of Q1 2017 Revenue

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In what shouldn’t be news to most, mobile games continue to grow and are easily the dominant category of apps in terms of monetization on both the App Store and Google Play. According to a Sensor Tower analysis of Q1 2017, 80% of the App Store’s gross revenue comes from games, while in the case of Google Play that number goes up to over 90%. Worldwide mobile game installs on both the App Store and Google Play went up around 15% from the same period last year. In terms of revenue, Monster Strike reigns supreme on both the App Store and Google Play, with Clash Royale (Free) coming second in the App Store. Pokemon GO has dipped below thetop 10 on the App Store but not Google Play. Fire Emblem Heroes made it to number 10 on Google Play, with more than 75% of its overall revenue coming from Japan.

In terms of downloads, Super Mario Run came second in the App Store, with only King of Glory—the huge Tencent game—beating it. It does make one wonder how much money that game would have made if it was F2P like Fire Emblem Heroes. In what continues to be a surprise for most, Subway Surfers was once more the overall top downloaded game, even after so many years. There’s a lot more to read in the analysis, so check it out.

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