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Gameloft Accidentally Leaks ‘Sonic Runners Adventure’

If there’s anything you should know, it’s that you can’t put anything past Sonic fans. If you slip up anywhere, these hardcore nerds with no lives (and I say that with all the love in my heart as a Sonic fan since the original game, but y’all are crazy) will dig it up. Sonic Retro discovered recently that Gameloft’s customer care site has a link to a FAQ for a game called Sonic Runners Adventure. While this page is gone now from when it was originally discovered, I saw the page when it was live. The Sonic NewsChannel has helpfully created an archive of the FAQ section, and Sonic Retro saved the banner image with the game’s logo:

Some new details about Sonic Runners Adventure, which is presumably a sequel to the now-pulled Sonic Runners? Well, it’ll be playable offline, feature finite and looped levels along with infinite levels, an overhauled leveling system, and the gacha systems from Sonic Runners are gone. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about this one soon. If it releases on April 20th, I hope Blaze the Cat is playable.