‘Death Road to Canada’ MFi Controller Update Releases This Week

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Rocketcat Games has announced that the DIPES update, the next big update for Death Road to Canada ($14.99), will be releasing this Thursday, April 13th. This update brings a much-requested feature in MFi controller support to the game, along with local co-op play! If you havet wo MFi controllers, this is perfect for you. While it’s not hitting on the magical date of April 20th, I can confirm that you might want to visit the BLUNT MASTER at traders’ stops in the game on that date.

Right now the game is $7.99, and while the word was that the first major update would bring a price increase, things kind of changed with the content update plans. What was going to be one massive content update instead turned into three smaller updates. After the next small update at the end of April, expect the price to go up to $8.99. Then, a new content update with a new unlock system and more new features will be set to hit in June. The Death Road…it is never-ending.

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