Ellen DeGeneres Just Launched ‘Hot Hands’, a Game About Celebrities

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We’ve talked in the past about how successful Ellen DeGeneres’ mobile games have been, especially Heads Up!, which is still hovering in the top 10 paid apps even after all this time. Today, Ellen has launched another mobile game called Hot Hands (Free), also based on a game she has her guests play on her show. Hot Hands is very simple but also quite frantic. Players get to see the photo of a celebrity and have to quickly shout his or her name and press the big red button (because every game is made better by a big red button). You get 3 seconds to name the celebrity and 30 seconds to name as many celebrities as you can. There are plenty of categories like TV Stars, Award Winners, Musicians, Millennials, and so on.

If you are adverse to shouting names in public like you have some kind of celebrity Tourette syndrome, you can use multiple choice or Initials mode. And you can even challenge friends in multiplayer to see who has the hottest, most boiling hands. If you download and play the game today, you have the chance to win a trip to play Hot Hands live on Ellen. The game is available on iOS and Android now and is F2P.

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