Disney’s ‘Club Penguin Island’ Brings the Popular ‘Club Penguin’ to Mobile

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If you aren’t of a relatively-young age, you probably won’t know what Club Penguin is. This was a PC MMO where you played as a penguin in a winter-set online world. The game grew pretty quickly to the point where by 2013, it had over 200 million registered user account, and while most of its players were of the 6-14 age range, there were older players too. Alas, as with every good thing in this world, Club Penguin‘s time came to an end yesterday, March 29th, but fear not because Disney is instead offering Club Penguin Island (Free), a mobile version of the popular game, available now.

Disney’s Club Penguin Island lets you once more be the penguin you’ve always hoped you could be. You can, of course, customize your penguin to your liking, explore the island alone or with friends, play all kinds of minigames, and in general enjoy an improved (or so Disney claims) experience that will still remind you of the original Club Penguin. The game is F2P, but there are also special features you can only access if you get the monthly subscription. And if you’re one of those who played the original Club Penguin, you can apparently register your old username and get a jacket for your avatar that shows how many years you’ve spent playing this game.

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