‘Hearthstone’ Just Gave Us Another Great Cooperative Brawl, ‘A Mammoth of a New Year’

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Co-op Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawls are usually among the best, and this week’s A Mammoth of a New Year ranks pretty high. You and your frenemie will be working together to first decorate the tavern and then take down the Pinata Golem, a 5 Attack 85 Health Boss with Taunt that changes sides every turn. And he can’t be targeted by spells, sorry. So, how does the Brawl play? You’ll get pre-constructed decks, and your hero power is Decorate, which creates decorations for the Tavern. You can use as much mana as you have available to decorate, and you have to get to 25 decorations for the place to look spruced up enough for the Pinata Golem to grace you with its presence.

However, in order to even get to the Pinata Golem, you’ll have to constantly take out Party Crashers, 3/5 Taunt minions that attack face every turn. And they’ll keep appearing, so make sure you don’t let them get out of control. Once you’re done decorating, your hero power turns to Pelt, deal 3 damage to the Pinata. This is a fun Brawl, especially when you both work well together. And when you take out that Pinata, you’ll get an Un’Goro pack. Fun, right?

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