‘FIFA Mobile Soccer’ Latest Update Brings Daily Quests, AI Improvements, and More

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FIFA Mobile Soccer (Free) has been keeping its players quite busy with all kinds of seasonal events, but its recent big update is focusing on bigger under-the-hood changes that should make the game more fun to play. First of all, the update has added Daily Activities, a set of daily goals that will get you more ways to get rewards every day you play the game. Although these will be useful to F2P players, I think the many other updates will make a bigger difference to how the game plays. The AI logic has been improved to make sure that players with better stats do better on the pitch, which to be honest should have been the case all along.

There are also improvements in the logic that should make formations and tactics in Attack Mode feel more like the ones you’ve actually picked, better foul calling, improvements in swipe gesture controls responsiveness, and much more. These changes should help make the game less frustrating and more responsive to your tactics and formations. And as a cherry on top, the game now has the first 100 OVR player, Eden Hazard.

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