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Frosty Pop’s ‘The Contender: Fight of the Century’ Coming April 13th, ‘rvlvr.’ Pushed to May 4th

The folks at The Frosty Pop Corps. have been toying around with an idea for a silly throwback boxing game for a while now, and apparently all their early feedback on the game thus far has been so good they’re green-lighting the project and fast-tracking its release for April 13th. The game is called The Contender: Fight of the Century, and it’s an homage to early ’80s gaming with top-down boxing action and super-stretchy arms because… well, who doesn’t love super-stretchy arms? Check out the trailer for The Contender below.

With Nintendo’s Arms due to launch later this year, it seems like stretchy arm boxing games are all the rage. Surprisingly, though, Frosty Pop was unaware of Arms when creating The Contender and once they found out about it that was another factor in bumping up the release date so it can launch outside of the shadow of Arms‘ release. Due to Frosty Pop pushing up the release date for The Contender, their previously announced puzzler rvlvr. is getting pushed back just a bit too, with its original April 13th release date now changed to May 4th. Look for both The Contender and rvlvr. in the coming month or so.