Mike Trout is Beating Thirteen-Year-Olds at ‘Clash of Clans’

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Mike Trout, as mentioned earlier, is a begrudgingly good baseball player. He’s also apparently an avid Clash of Clans (Free) player, and an excellent troll. Former Angels pitching coach Mike Butcher’s son was playing Mike Trout in Clash of Clans and Trout’s advice to beat him? Just get your dad’s credit card and buy a bunch of stuff. The whole oral history of Mike Trout is a good read, but this part is the relevant one:

Remember, Mike Trout is a very rich man – he earned over $15 million last year and is set to earn over $19 million this year, obviously before taxes but not including various marketing deals he surely has signed. And Mike Butcher, who’s now with the Arizona Diamondbacks, is probably doing okay for himself, too, though he’s probably got that password locked down now. In fact, I bet there’s a whole bunch of whales among professional baseball players in particular. They’re on the road constantly, and baseball has a lot of downtime while you’re still on the job. I mean, what else are you going to do when you’ve got a mid-week series in Cleveland? Might as well spend a few thousand dollars to get some glory in a mobile game. Better than starting a fight at a bar. And if you’re playing one of these games, I’d play them to have fun, and have reasonable goals as far as you’re going to advance. Because there’s a good chance that Mike Trout is out there, and you can’t beat the Millville Meteor at anything, though the Angels are trying to beat his soul into submission by being a mediocre team surrounding a once-in-a-lifetime baseball talent.

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