‘Hearthstone’ Celebratory Daily Giveaways Start March 29th

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Journey to Un’goro, the next Hearthstone (Free) expansion, is almost upon us (probably releasing April 6th), so Blizzard has decided to gives us a week of “Mammoth" rewards to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Mammoth, the new Standard season. This celebration comes in the form of a week’s worth of daily login rewards starting March 29th. The rewards start with a mere 50 gold on March 29th and then include a Gadgetzan card pack, a Whispers card pack, 2 Un’Goro packs (on separate days), and 100 dust. Plenty of reasons, then, to jump into the game at least once a day during that week.

The biggest reward, though, comes on the last day, April 5th, in the shape of the 7-mana 5/6 Golden Volcanosaur, which has a Battlecry Adapt, then Adapt. This move is similar to when we got C’Thun when Whispers of the Old Gods launched. You can go here to see all the rewards. The reward week starts Wednesday, March 29th, so make sure you grab them all.

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