‘Fire Emblem’ Update Will Add Starting Positions and Bump Stamina Cap to 99

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If you still enjoy playing Fire Emblem: Heroes (Free), I have good news for you. According to the game’s official Japanese Twitter account, there’s a big update coming next month that’s adding some cool new features. The first one is the ability to change the starting positions of your party members before a battle commences. You’ll be able to change as many times as you want until one of the Heroes moves. This should help you better plan your attacks. Additionally, there will be changes in the way Heroes gain experience, with Heroes of 1-4 star rarities gaining more experience points from fighting enemies of lower level.

The last big part of this update is that the stamina cap will be raised from 50 to 99, with Orbs and Stamina Potion refills adjusted accordingly. We don’t know yet when the update will hit, but it should be coming soon.

[from Siliconera]

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