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‘DROP NOT!’, a Reaction-Based Puzzler From the Creators of ‘Power Hover’, Is Rolling Onto the App Store on April 6th

One of my favorite parts of writing about iOS games is seeing those titles that consistently receive support in the form of content updates, normally for many months after the base game initially launched. Even though many of the best App Store titles do launch as complete packages without the need for many further additions, it’s great to see developers take an active role in our iOS community to discuss and take on ideas for future plans, and Oddrok’s Power Hover ($3.99) was one such release that impressed me greatly over 2016. As a result, I’m incredibly excited by DROP NOT!, the next game from the Finnish developer which is set to offer reaction based puzzle action – for the sweet sweet price of absolutely nothing – when it launches on April 6th.

DROP NOT! may appear to be a rather sharp change from the futuristic hover-boarding fun of Power Hover, but both games share numerous similarities in many design and stylistic approaches taken. DROP NOT!, like its predecessor, is extremely accessible and easy to pick up – with your character moving automatically, you only have to tap to turn, which makes DROP NOT! perfect for casual gamers, and anyone wanting one-handed gaming on the daily commute. Its graphical style is also beautiful, with adorable cuboid animals that can be collected and mercilessly rolled around the twenty handcrafted levels that are initially accessible. With interesting gameplay mechanics such as teleporters and other nefarious obstacles, DROP NOT! looks like iOS classic Edge ($2.99) turned into a fast-paced auto-puzzler, which is high praise if there ever was any. Look out for DROP NOT! on the App Store April 6th, and be sure to head to our forum thread for more discussion and further updates on Oddrok’s upcoming release.