‘Card Thief’, the Stealthy Followup to ‘Card Crawl’, Now Available

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The final Apple indie game showcase is now available, and while you likely figured it out if you followed the game’s forum thread, the secret has been revealed: Card Thief (Free) by Tinytouchtales and Mexer is now on the App Store. This is a followup to Card Crawl (Free), but instead of being a dungeon crawler, it’s a stealth game. Your thief card must move about a 3×3 grid containing guards, torches, treasure, and other cards, with your ultimate goal being to escape with the treasure, and without being seen. Stealth points and lighting regulate the actions you can take, and how you can take out guards. They’ll be looking in a particular direction, and actions you take can alert them, so you have to play wisely to amass coins and advance through the deck.

Card Thief is a game you’ll likely have to be a bit persistent with, as new features unlock the more you play. You also have to get acclimated to how the different systems work together, as earning and losing stealth points depends on when and where you take your actions. Plus, there’s a risk-reward element with the treasure where it requires more stealth points to capture the longer you let it sit, but it becomes more valuable. It takes a few sessions to get the hang of, and some patience will be required. But it could prove to be promising, with new locales and items that unlock as you get more wins. Check it out right now, and check out the game’s forum thread. Of course, it just raises the question, since was technically no Sunday game, what was up with that icon for The Witness? Was it just for the Mac release?

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