‘Summoners War’ Update Adds ‘World Arena’, Better Matchmaking, and More

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Summoners War (Free) continues to be a very popular game, and the latest update should help make it even more fun to play. The update adds the World Arena, a new mode that allows players from across the world to compete in the game’s PvP Arena, which is a recipe for loads of fun. And in an attempt to make the new Arena more fun, the developers have improved the game’s matchmaking and the Victory Points system. The matchmaking should feel fairer now, and the new Victory Points system will reward you more if you take out higher-ranked players. Sounds great in theory, but we’ll see whether the new system works as planned.

Ranked season will now be three months long, and Medals of Honor earned in World Arena can be traded for in-game items. Finally, there’s a new customization feature added called Rune Ductility, which will let you add new sub-properties to your existing Runes. The update is live, so go check out the new World Arena, but be careful because some players are reporting constant crashes.

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