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‘Meganoid 2017’ Now in Early Access on Android

Orangepixel’s Meganoid 2017 has continued development and a lightspeed pace. And in fact, while the game’s release date was announced recently, you can in fact play it now if you’re on Android. An Early Access version of Meganoid 2017 is now available on Google Play. This one isn’t done yet, as there’s still some tweaking and balancing to be done to the game in order to make the difficulty feel just right, the core of the game is here.

I will say, having played this, that it feels like the closest thing yet to Spelunky on mobile. I don’t just mean as a roguelike-inspired platformer, but because of the way that the levels are structured, and the importance of bombs on your way through the Meganoid. You can check out some of the work that’s gone into Meganoid 2017 for yourself here. Expect the full game on iOS, PC, and the full release on Android, on March 30th.