‘Hearthstone’ Journey to Un’Goro Card Reveals Begin at 11AM PST Today

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March 17th is here, which means we are about to get more card reveals from Hearthstone‘s (Free) upcoming Journey to Un’Goro expansion. At 11am PST, (which is half an hour after this story goes out) Senior Designer Peter Whalen and Sean “Day9" Plott will be livestreaming their journey to Un’Goro. During this journey, expect to see giant dinosaurs, crackling elementals, lethal flora, and, of course, all-new cards from the upcoming expansion. It’s about time we got to see more expansion cards because up to now, we’ve been guessing at what the expansion’s effects could be on the meta and on the game in general. Hopefully, we’ll start getting a much better grasp of what kinds of cards are coming down the pipeline.

Watch live video from PlayHearthstone on

If you want to watch the stream live, tune into Twitch (which we’ve embeded above) or on Facebook. Get ready, then, for some primeval entertainment and all new Journey to Un’Goro cards.

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