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‘SpinnYwingS’ is a One-Touch Flying Game from Strange Flavour that Hits this Thursday

One of the struggles of being an indie developer is that you don’t always have the time or resources to work on your own projects. Enter: Contract work. Lots of developers take on contracts to do development for other companies’ projects, and once they scrape enough savings together, get back to work on their own. Developer Strange Flavour has taken the past year off to do just that, but they’re back with a brand new game that looks like a ton of fun. It’s called SpinnYwingS and it’s a one-touch top-down flying game. Check out the trailer.

Being that it’s a game about airplanes, the official canon for SpinnYwingS is that it takes place in the same universe as Strange Flavour’s clever Any Landing ($2.99). This stuff is important. The game is controlled by tapping the screen to turn right, and letting go of the screen to turn left, and while it’s not the first time I’ve seen that control mechanic, it’s one that works well on touchscreen and is a nice challenge to wrap your brain around. SpinnYwingS will be free to download and supported by ads when it launches this Thursday.