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Puzzle Strategy Hybrid ‘Ticket to Earth’ Riding to the App Store on March 15th

Almost exactly a year ago to this day, we first experienced Robot Circus’s interesting puzzle and turn-based strategy mash up Ticket to Earth at GDC 2016, and while the game was still in a relatively early stage, the promise of this unique amalgamation of mechanics was clear to see. While its tentative release date of late 2016 came and went, a later showing at PAX Australia in November got us particularly excited after a substantial year of development under its belt. After much fervent anticipation, Ticket to Earth is finally launching this Wednesday, and has a brand new release trailer that showcases the inventive gameplay elements and futuristic sci-fi setting in action.

The immediate impression I get from Ticket to Earth is a fleshed out and story-driven 2017 version of Dungeon Raid ($0.99) – and considering the cult status that the latter puzzle title has garnered over the years, this is high praise indeed. With isometric turn-based combat over colored squares representing the numerous combat options, Ticket to Earth ambitiously is aiming to satiate both hardcore fans of the strategy genre, and anyone wanting a brief brain-teasing puzzle experience for on the move. Numerous combat powers and peace keeper classes, as well as a narrative episode-focused plot, suggest variety and depth that defies its relatively inexpensive $3.99 price of entry. Look out for Ticket to Earth on March 15th, and let us know your impressions of this newest puzzle RPG title on our forum thread.