Noodlecake-Published ‘Fluffy Jump’ Has Interesting Husband-Wife Team Story

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Noodlecake has been publishing a ton of titles over the years from developers all over the world. They have an interesting story to share with their new game Fluffy Jump (Free), programmed by one of the developers behind Pull My Tongue ($0.99). It started out as a simple game, being made by David Marquardt, who would team up with his wife Cathy, to do the art. Well, she drew some characters, and then David went to recreate them in Photoshop. She wasn’t happy, and it led to her learning Photoshop to make the artwork herself.

It’s an interesting story behind the game and how the husband-wife partnership worked out in a game development context. Fluffy Jump‘s a pretty simple, one-touch high score chaser, but what I like is that every 25 point milestone you hit, after you hit it 5 times, you unlock a cannon that can launch you right to that spot. So, you can skip a lot of the early game on your way to high scores, but you have to prove that you can repeatedly hit that point. Fluffy Jump is available now.

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