Blizzard Lets You Pick the ‘Hearthstone Global Games’ Players and Rewards You With a Pack

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Blizzard is in the process of organizing the Hearthstone (Free) Global Games, a team-based tournament where countries will go head to head and battle for supremacy and country pride. Starting today, you can help decide who the players will be on each of the 48 participating countries by voting for your favorite players. There are 8 players pre-selected for each team, and by the end of the voting process, 3 will be chosen. The way it works is you can only vote for players from country of your account. My account is in the US, so I have to pick among players like Muzzy, Firebat, Amnesiac, Zalae, and dog. Each player has a little thought bubble with either inspirational or silly words (Firebat hates pirates but likes winning).

As a thank you, Blizzard will give an Old Gods card pack to all those who vote, although you’ll get the pack at a later date. I’m excited for the Hearthstone Global Games and can’t wait to see which country will take the trophy home.

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