‘SpellTower’ Developer Zach Gage Continues to Tease His Upcoming Word Game

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We wrote yesterday that Zach Gage, developer of SpellTower ($2.99), has started teasing his new game, and today we got teaser number 2. The first teaser was a pretty simple anagram, and today’s puzzle-teaser was slightly more challenging since some of the words couldn’t be moved around. As you can see from the screenshot below, the result of the anagram was the word Silence, which again Gage ties to the past (the first teaser was about ancient Cabalists).

There seems to be a theme of anagrams and the past in these teasers so far, and I think it’s possible the game might have something to do with those two ideas. We shall see,. The game releases March 18th according to Gage, so stay tuned for more puzzle-teasers.

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