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‘rvlvr.’ Features Over 15,000 Puzzles to Solve

The Frosty Pop Corps, fresh off the release of Puff. (Free), the Downwell-inspired high-score chasser, and Slap Shots! (Free), is set to release a new game, rvlvr., this April. The period is intentional and part of a planned “games ending with punctuation" trilogy along with Puff.; also the lowercase title looks a lot cooler than the uppercase one. The idea is that you have to rotate puzzle pieces around to form the shape indicated. Seems simple enough on its face, but it ain’t gonna be easy to beat this one. Why? Because there are over 15,000 puzzles to play. Yeah, 15,000. No joke.

Frosty Pop Corps’ Faisal Sethi wants this to be a kind of Desert Golfing ($1.99) esque experience that you can play and zone out. The color and soundtrack is meant to feel quirky, like independent film in a certain way. It looks like an interesting kind of puzzler, and Frosty Pop Corps’ titles are steadily getting better over time, so I’m curious to check this out when it hits in mid-April.